Talk Story, Part III: Autumnal Musings

Talk Story, Part III: Autumnal Musings

This past Spring we launched a new section at B on Hawaii called "Talk Story". We know most of you know about it, since we receive such wonderful feedback regarding the responses our panel of local expert/celebrities give each season. Yet for those of you who are new to "The B", here's a little refresher. Every season, we pose a new, random question to our esteemed panel of local experts-in-their-field, which includes two top chefs, a world-class athlete, a musician and Grammy Award-winning producer, a news anchor, a coveted aloha apparel designer and a wellness expert/author. This cast of colorful characters are not only dear friends to us at B on Hawaii; they are well-respected members of the Hawaiian community, and have elevated their careers to the top of their respective professions.

Each one is a role model.

This season's question came to us after a typical fit of too much connectivity; a barrage of articles about people being glued to their technology and the lack of "true human connections" got us thinking. So we posed this to our panel, and asked for their response.

There has been a bit of chatter about how connected—to computers, TVs, hand-held devices like phones, blackberries, etc., and all forms of electronic media—and how it's preventing humans from REAL interaction. If the result of real interaction is what births creative outlets, new relationships and so on, are we entering a period of compromised creativity? (Just flip thru the TV channels and it does seem apparent.) So the question: How important is it to you to "disconnect"? Do you disconnect? What do you do to escape being connected? What does it do for you?


Click the "B is for Balance" link below, or the "Talk Story" icon on the left side of this site to read all of our experts' responses this go-around. And feel free to "Friend" the B on Hawaii Facebook page (we know, too much "connecting"...) and leave your own response. Perhaps it will foster a new discussion—or better yet—some new relationships.


As always, thanks for reading.


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