SpaHalekulani: 5+ hrs. of "aaah"

SpaHalekulani: 5+ hrs. of "aaah"

One thing we can always count on when it comes to most any experience at the Halekulani is understated elegance. So when I had the oppurtunity to indulge at the elite SpaHalekulani with the half-day-long Pure Renewal detox treatment, I jumped at the chance. Generally, words like “detox” and “toxin elimination” do not conjure images of surreal escape and deluxe pampering. This is one of those very rare instances where the worlds truly come together and dance in glorious harmony.

The boutique SpaHalekulani embodies just this; with tastefully appointed treatment rooms complete with your own shower, locker and lanai. When I arrived, I was escorted to my private lanai and offered warm Cinnamon Orange detox tea. As I sipped (and slowed my natural rhythm), I endured the spa's signature foot pounding treatment. This is an almost trance-inducing experience that is supposed to stimulate circulation in the feet and prepare the body for it's nearly 5 1/2 journey of detoxification—and in my case, very deep relaxation.

My circulatory pathways were further widened with a foot reflexology session. Next, my lymphatic system received it's share of cleansing with a full body massage using my own personal selection of essential oils. (The massage therapist ended up working overtime on my very sore back.) Having someone who truly inquires in to the condition of the client they're working on,  and puts forth the extra effort in problem areas was a welcomed change from many a recent spa experience. What my therapist did, I have found, truly exemplifies the type of caring attention often expected, but rarely fulfilled at a high-end spa. For this, I was most appreciative!

After the glorious massage, I was escorted an entire 5 feet to my private lanai for a Maui pineapple, mint and ginger smoothie. As something of a nutrition buff, I know the healing properties of this combination. But perhaps more importantly as a food-lover, I enjoyed the elegant, refreshing combination of flavors.

My experience continued with a very methodical wet and dry skin brushing session. The brushing is said to regenerate the skin through exfoliation and stimulate hormonal and oil-producing glands. Again, who knew detoxing could be so relaxing? The skill (and patience!) of the therapist, who spent considerable time towel wrapping, brushing and moving through each body part seamlessly over and over again, left my mind floating through zen like clouds of escape. I think the exfoliation was as much mental as physical. Layer by layer, I felt myself getting lighter (in more ways than one).

Now for the part that makes all the ladies scream for joy and then ask, 'Does it really work?': The coveted cellulite reducing, detoxing, body-firming, water retention cannon of them all—the body wrap. Spakulani uses a delicious smelling "Espresso-Limon" blend with essential oils of cinnamon and lemon. The coffee extract from South American beans is said to deliver immediate slimming results, while the essential oils ensure a lasting Perfect 10 luster. Now, it's hard to say if there was an actual inch reduction because I was not measured. I can say, the additional massage I received while wrapped up in my hot yummy cocoon left me feeling transcended of such earthly concerns!

I suppose the detox was indeed taking effect, because when offered the locally-sourced farm fresh lunch on the ocean front terrace—I was ready for it! A wholesome combination of greens, avocado, orange, flax seed, blueberry with pomegranate olive oil dressing left me feeling perfectly satisfied and completely nourished.

To put an end to a day of pure healthy decadence, I was treated to the Detox Therapy Foot Soak. This tranquil experience is said to stimulate and release toxins in the more than 70,000 nerve ending and pores found in the feet.

The Pure Renewal Treatment at SpaHalekulani lived up to it's name it in my book. A rare find to experience a cleanse of the body, mind and soul, in a private, exquisite setting all to oneself. I would almost feel guilty for such a luxurious, self-indulgent day if it wasn't so good for me!

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"I think the exfoliation was as much mental as physical. Layer by layer, I felt myself getting lighter (in more ways than one)."