Shiatsu Now at Mandara: A Balanced Good Time

Shiatsu Now at Mandara: A Balanced Good Time

Last week it hit me: It’s a New Year—and I should try new things. So I took the opportunity to experience Mandara Spa’s new Shiatsu treatment, something that I had experienced years ago, but hadn’t revisited in quite some time. Since I am generally first in line for the deep tissue or hot stone therapy, I decided it was high-time I learned what has made the ancient art of Shiatsu so popular—and long lasting—in Japan.

A little background: Shiatsu, also known as acupressure (not acupuncture; there are no needles!) is a finger, thumb and palm pressure massage that is founded on the Chinese Meridian System. The Meridians are believed to be a criss-cross network of interconnected energy pathways within the human body that links to muscles, organs, bones and skin. The idea is that by applying pressure to these meridians during treatment the therapists unblocks the flow of Ki (a.k.a. Chi or Qi) in the affected areas to promote healing. It is also believed that having an optimal flow of Ki through the body (life essence, prana, energy...) promotes overall superior health.

During my treatment at the spa, I made a point of contemplating my life force essence. I was there to enjoy a nice, deep muscle penetrating treatment on my sore body. There were no lotions used, and the massage was mostly done through a sheet. My therapist Gary eloquently explained that Shiatsu is very popular in Japan for business men returning to work following an afternoon massage without the oily residue. Through trigger points and comfortable touch, Gary was able to were loosen and relax much of my tight muscles by the hours end. He also incorporated some stretching, which aided in the surrounding ligaments. The much needed—and downright brain melting—head massage was a total bonus.

I floated out of the spa with my Ki feeling as if it had a proactive tune up.  Both literally and metaphorically speaking, there was a seeming alignment between Harmony and Tranquility, both within my body, as well as in my immediate surroundings. One thing that really helped transition me from the treatment to the outside world was the fabulous selection of aromatherapy in the relaxation lounge at Mandara Spa. It’s certainly in the details like this that a destination spa can really shine. Mandara certainly did during this experience; I hope I can stay aligned until my eminent return.

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The much needed—and downright brain melting—head massage was a total bonus.