Pure & True Organic: An Entrepreneur Follows Her Passion

Pure & True Organic: An Entrepreneur Follows Her Passion

More often than not I ponder what it took for many of Hawaii’s most successful entrepreneurs to reach the great heights they have. For example, there are countless B on Hawaii interviews with some of Hawaii’s most successful artist, restaurateurs, chefs, etc. They all had one common denominator: Passion. But what is passion, and how does it enter one’s life? Is it about being involved in something you love above all else? Keeping your eye on the prize and never faltering? Think about someone whose achievements you greatly respect, and ponder the inner qualities they posses.

I recently spoke with one such Hawaii entrepreneur, who has combined her passion for healthy living with a business philosophy that is 100% aloha in spirit.

Michelle Garcia of Kailua found her calling while working on the research and development of a LEED-certified home on Maui. The legwork it took finding out what chemicals were in household compounds, paints, even light fixtures, astonished Garcia. One day, she began reading the ingredients list to the makeup and beauty products she commonly wore. Astonished at her findings, she delved head first in to herbalism, trying to seek out products that contained natural ingredients. The offerings were few, she concluded.

Cut to a few months later, and Garcia, pregnant, decided she wasn’t going to put any foreign chemicals on her skin. The results became
Pure and True Organic Beauty, a line of skin care products, conceptualized by Garcia, using some Hawaii plants.

Achieving much gratification at simply making products that made her feel good. Learning how to reduce the many toxic compounds found within the home, Garcia was able to create a product line free of parabens, phthalates, artificial coloring or fragrances, sulphates or petroleum-derived ingredients. Her goal: To create something that was not only organic and healthy for the body but also healthy for society—led to a new career. (A portion of all Pure and True sales are donated to charities like Women for Women International and The Nature Conservancy.)

Garcia found a few others who liked her “green” motives. One such, the spa at the Four Seasons Resort at Hualalai, now exclusively uses Pure and True. Garcia is currently hammering out a deal for the spa to be used by residents at Kapalua to do the same.

Pure and True can be found online (with free shipping!) at www.PureandTrue.com, the Four Seasons at Hualalai, or “Hot Mama” maternity wear on O’ahu.

It seems Michelle tapped into her passions and turned them into something we can all enjoy. She’s even managed to get the line in to the hands of A-listers like Jennifer Aniston, Natalie Portman and Sienna Miller.

Personally, I love to dance. While I’m not trading in my laptop for a pair of tap shoes, there is a pair of Gloria Gaynor leg warmers and a book about dance on special at Amazon with my name on them. It’s a start.