Kapalua Mountain Center: A Sustainable And Thrilling Breakthrough

The folks at Kapalua are hard at work. If a multi-faceted renovation to the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, the construct of the Ritz and Kapalua Residences (on the site of the former Kapalua Bay Hotel), a golf course renovation and the looming Mercedes-Benz Championship weren't enough, the resort has announced plans for the January 7th opening of the Kapalua Adventure Center and Mountain Outpost.

What is an "adventure center" you say" What happens at a 21st century "mountain outpost" you ask" All fine questions. Let's get to the bottom of it.

First, a system of ziplines has been installed that is rumored to be among the longest in North America. Eight different lines traverse the treetops, transporting participants above the foliage, for bird's-eye views of the unique habitat surrounding Kapalua's 23,000 acres. Kapalua folks are eager to point out that by encouraging visitors to soar through the skies like fast-moving laundry, impact to the earth, bird life and foliage are greatly minimized. Makes sense to us, we'll roll with it. In addition to the ziplines, two suspension bridges, a high ropes challenge course and a four-station climbing tower will keep thrill-seekers busy for hours at a time.

Second, it's all about sustainability, baby. All guests are transported from the new Adventure Center and Mountain Outpost (located adjacent to the Kapalua Golf Academy and the Logo Shop) to the ropes course and ziplines in a biodiesel-fueled Mercedes-Benz Unimog (how often do you get to ride a unimog?) through existing pineapple field access roads. Read: No gas was burned nor trails blazed to get you from A to B. You are now "sustainable"!

Third, Kapalua Resort has pledged 10 percent of the profits generated by the Adventure Center to the Pu'u Kukui Watershed Preserve, which is home to home to several of the world's rarest plants and insects that live in pristine tropical bogs and delicate ecosystems

Prices for Kapalua Adventures Mountain Outpost activities and tours range from $60 to $159, depending on length and type of activities selected. Custom packages are available. Call (808) 665-4386 or email info@kapaluaadventures.com.

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