Drop Your Acid This Winter. We're Talking Levels People

By Health & Wellness Correspondent Abby Royce

Drop Your Acid This Winter. We're Talking Levels People

As we head in to winter, it's common for us to notice a change in our bodies. We become tired quicker. We may put on excess weight. We notice an increase in minor aches and pains. Believe it or not, there is a simple answer to all of these issues, and more, according to new evidence by health care professionals. It's as simple as the acid levels found within our bodies (this has nothing to do with Timothy Leary or college).

Here's the low-down: When the PH of the body gets out of balance (too acidic), we may experience low energy, fatigue, excess weight, poor digestion, aches and pains. This is just the beginning; it also opens the door a little wider for disease. For you extremists, there are huge list of foods, supplements, PH tests and so on that one can order if you care to obsess over maintaining an ideal PH. Personally, I like to abide by a few simple routines that will assist our supremely intelligent bodies to get back in balance, following simple environmental changes like weather.

Some of the most acidic things we ingest on a daily basis are beer, coffee, beef, sugar and, of course, soft drinks, which are the devil for a myriad of reasons. Am I going to quit drinking my morning java and say good-bye to chocolate or hamburgers forever?I don't think so! (And I would never say you should either.) But I am going to strive for balance by incorporating the most alkaline food to my diet on a daily basis: Lemons. It couldn't get any easier; when you order a glass of water, ask for lemon and actually squeeze it in to your drink. Use a straw if you have sensitive teeth. Lemons are not only extremely alkaline, but they internally cleanse the body and are loaded with Vitamin C. Easy so far, right?

If you'd like to up the ante on your internal PH balance war, a nice cup of dandelion tea with lemon and bee pollen will really kick some butt. Not only is this beverage extremely alkaline, but dandelion root is a known liver cleanser. This may be of particular importance to our weekend martini warriors. Remember, a healthy liver will be able to effectively cleanse the body of toxins. When the body can't clear itself of all the toxins we ingest (like processed foods, chemical sugars, etc.), it stores on our body as fat. Hello cellulite, good-bye swim suit. This dandelion cocktail can assist in the reversal of all the funky stuff we do to our bodies on a daily basis -- it's just a spot of tea!

Bee pollen is another wonder. By adding be pollen to our tea, we balance our alkaline levels. In addition, pollen has antiviral properties, which helps the body produce collagen. It's also a natural antibiotic, loaded with vitamins A, C, D, and E.

Honey is naturally high in acidity. However, it's also loaded with antioxidants, nutrients and has its own slew of health benefits. (This is all assuming you're not allergic to bees or pregnant.) An interesting tid bit that I recently came across is a recent study proved up to two-thirds of the annual honey production in the U.S. is made by force-feeding bees high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), the product of which is then pasteurized, which kills off or damages what's left of all the beneficial enzymes. Not good! The solution is easy: Buy raw honey at the store. Heck, take it a step further and support our local farmers by buying local, raw honey!

For a complete list of alkaline foods visit http://www.thewolfeclinic.com/acidalkfoods.html.

"Dandelion root is a known liver cleanser; This may be of particular importance to our weekend martini warriors."