Respected Yoga Practitioner on The State of Our Spiritual Affairs

"Yogi Rick" Teaches the Well-Informed on Oahu; Now He Sits With Us

Palo Alto native Richard Bernstein, or, "Yogi Rick", is one of those easily recognizable characters who has become a mainstay in the lives of everyone that has come in to contact with him, let alone taken one of his Saturday morning classes in Nu`uanu Valley.

World Renown Zhi Gang Sha to Speak at Kauai Wellness Expo

On January 30th and 31st, The Mind Body & Spirit Exposition folk will host the Total Wellness Expo on the island of Kauai. The event, sponsored by Inspiration Wellness Journal, will feature Mater Zhi Gang Sha as the keynote speaker—a title that went to Deepak Chopra last year.

New Halele'a Spa to use Malie Organics

When Dana Roberts launched her Malie Organics line of spa products, she was looking to share the healing properties of botanical elements found throughout Hawai`i with those who would appreciate them most. She found a symbiotic partnership at Halele'a Spa in the St. Regis Princeville, where, as far as she knows, they are the only spa in the world to use taro for body treatments.

Yoga Meets Dance: Get Out of the Box (and shake it)

It is commonly said (albeit less often practiced) that doing something out of the ordinary—out of your comfort zone—is the key to breaking patterns of momentary monotony that life has a habit of hurling at you. It's also a great way to discover dormant aspects of your self, and awaken the spirit within.

Pure & True Organic: An Entrepreneur Follows Her Passion

More often than not I ponder what it took for many of Hawaii’s most successful entrepreneurs to reach the great heights they have. For example, there are countless B on Hawaii interviews with some of Hawaii’s most successful artist, restaurateurs, chefs, etc. They all had one common denominator: Passion. But what is passion, and how does it enter one’s life?

Keep Your Senses About You

Literally, In These Transitional Times

The way we live, work, play and rejuvenate is adapting. With so much negative news on the airwaves, it's about time we began seeing a major shift in how we process global happenings vs. what affects our daily lives.

Eating + Drinking in Moderation Make for a Merry Holiday

Overeating and drinking at holiday parties can leave you feeling less than Merry come January. The key? Finding balance in your holiday routines can leave you with the best of both worlds.

Kaua'i Wellness Expo to Feature Deepak Chopra in January

Deepak Chopra will hold his second speaking engagement in two years on January 26, this time on Kaua'i, during the 5th Annual Kaua'i Wellness Expo 2009. Chopra will host a VIP reception from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Monday evening, followed by his lecture. He will then sign books until 10:30 p.m., promoting his newest release, entitled "Jesus, An Enlightenment Story".

Train with Triathlon Experience Package at Kona Village

The majestic Kona Village Resort on the Island of Hawai'i has pitted itself as home base for a unique triathlon training experience, starting in mid-January and extending through February 1, 2009.

Color-Light Therapy and More at Ihilani Spa

Color-Light Thalasso Therapy: Tip of the Iceberg at Ihilani Spa

If you've ever been out yonder to West O'ahu, you know three things: It has an entirely different vibe from the rest of the island, it's warmer, and there are considerably less people. West O'ahu has frequently been described as the "a neighbor island experience, without leaving O'ahu".

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