Venerable Maui Seafood Eatery to Launch Sustainable Fishing Practices Aid

Mama's Fish House in Ku‘au, Maui, has always led the charge in giving credit where credit is due. Long before "Farm-to-Table" was a trend, the venerable culinary attraction located on the slopes of Haleakala was printing the names of vessels and captains who were responsible for getting fresh-caught fish from the ocean to your table. Now, the eatery's owners and executive chef, Perry Bateman, have announced that they will sponsor the deployment of a new fishing buoy in waters 30 miles off the northeastern coast of Maui.

Save a Beach! Something Bound to Happen at Local's Fave

Kaimana Beach's neighboring War Memorial Natatorium could be a volleyball venue, swimming structure or dismantled for a bolstered local beach. Thusfar, posturing and failed promises have stalled each. What gives? 

More often than not, visitors to the lovely island of O‘ahu make their way down the south shore towards the local-friendly Kaimana Beach—a sun-drenched swath of sand and sea frequented by those with HNL mailing addresses. And, eventually, the more inquisitive of these curious folk ask, “What is that magnificent structure that seems to be boarded up and impassable?” The answer—although the structure was the Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium—isn’t really that simple.

Kapalua's New Chef Dishes Up Oktoberfest Splendor

Isaac Bancaco arrives at Pineapple Grill from refined tutelage to helm this Maui "local's favorite" eatery

The changing-of-the-guard, or chef, at a “locals favorite" restaurant is heralded as a significant event here in Hawai‘i. So it became noteworthy when Maui’s Pineapple Grill, at Kapalua, bid farewell to Ryan Luckey—who garnered numerous regional awards for this impressive, off-the-beaten-fairway eatery—and ushered in another “local boy gone big.” Isaac Bancaco has cooked on the front lines for...

Yoga, Healing, Music and Festivities on Oahu's North Shore

If you've ever wished that you could immerse yourself with premiere yoga instruction from a variety of teachers from around the globe—all without without spending a fortune on travel—your wish has come true. The annual Hawai‘i Spirit Festival, which takes place on O‘ahu's North Shore from November 4–6, is a three day celebration of yoga, music, movement and Hawaiian Culture.

Ka‘u Coffee: Now Serving... in Starbucks?

Small Hawaiian Farms Go Big

With the harsh news of droughts and other plights on the farmers and ranchers of Hawai‘i's Big Island, we welcome some positive news from that community. Thanks to some entrepreneurship paired with good environmental practices and dedicated farming, select Starbucks locations will carry Ka‘u-grown and harvested coffee under their special "Starbucks Reserve" program. The effort will continue through November. 

Get Buzzed: Time for the Kona Coffee Fest

This Big Island Institution Draws Hundreds of Growers and Enthusiasts of "the bean"

For nearly two centuries, caffeine enthusiasts have been reaping the benefits of Hawai‘i-grown (and harvested) coffee on the Big Island. Every November, the most devout followers and leaders in the Hawai‘i coffee industry share, demonstrate, taste, cook with, draw and paint their most prized coffee beans with anyone with the desire to experience them. It’s called the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, and this year it all unfolds on November 4 – 13 in Keauhou.

Giddy-Up: Kualoa Ranch Spotlights Cowgirls

For the aspiring cowgirls out there… The second annual Ohana Country Fair and All-Girl Rodeo will kick off at Kualoa Ranch on O‘ahu’s North Shore this October 1st, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Admission and parking are free for this family-friendly event that boasts food, crafts, ranch games like barrel racing, roping, calf mugging and so forth.

Taste the Big Isle Range

Growing Food Fest Features All-Things Meat (and Delicious)

Every fall on the Kohala Coast of Hawaii’s Big Island, ranchers, cowboys (and gals), foodies and farmers walk past a few parrots, cross over a tram track, climb a staircase, pass a fleet of bronze sculptures, head over a babbling brook and descend into an expansive ballroom inside the Hilton Waikoloa Village for the annual Taste of the Hawaiian Range and Ag Festival. This year the action takes place on Friday, September 30, and you best start saving your appetite.

Fare the Wind: 40 Years of Voyaging

Recently brought to our attention was a long-time favorite, Fair Wind Big Island Ocean Guides’ receipt of two significant awards—a Small Business Administration award and a local Chamber of Commerce “Environmental Awareness” award. The ocean expedition company acknowledged these accomplishments just as they began celebrations for their 40th year in business—that is, taking eager ocean-enthusiasts to Kealakekua Bay (and elsewhere on the Kohala Coast) to experience the vibrant underwater life that persists in Hawai‘i.

Everything Wong About Beekeeping

One of Hawai‘i's Greats Learns First-Hand the Benefit of Subsidizing a Hive

With so many catch-all phrases buzzing around these days—like farm-to-table, support local agriculture and the like—it’s nice to spotlight those taking things to a whole ‘nother level. Chef and restaurateur Alan Wong has never made any overly self-congratulatory gestures regarding his steadfast use of locally-harvested produce (and proteins). His backing of the student-farming program at Ma‘o is just one example. Yet his latest game of connect-the-dots will undoubtedly land him yet again in the cross hairs of every blogger/editor who thinks they “discovered” his latest effort. And while we may be no exception, this time, Wong is elevating the mighty honey bee into the limelight.

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