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Legendary Sax Player Gabe Baltazar on Worldwide Radio Show

Once in a great while, some magic happens in this business. That is, in the sharing of great stories with the readership of B on Hawaii. Here’s the latest example: Working on a story for a local publication, we recently caught up with legendary saxophone player, Gabe Baltazar. For those who don’t know: Baltazar was born in Hilo, reared between there and Honolulu, raised through the war torn early half of the 20th Century. His father was a performer; so it was a natural fit when Baltazar began playing for (and rather quickly, with) the biggest names in jazz that passed through Honolulu en route to war arenas to boost the spirits of troops. After being recruited into Stan Kenton’s band and touring the world alongside the likes of Gillespie, Parker and the rest, Baltazar returned home to cultivate the Hawaiian jazz scene.

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