Whitney-Worthy Artist Shows in Honolulu

Interisland Terminal Features Lecture, Show of Conceptual Contemproary Artist

The creative, forward-thinking folk at Interisland Terminal have announced a joint exhibition and lecture that melds various sectors of the University of Hawaii, including the School of Architecture. On Wednesday, October 6th at 6:00 p.m., internationally-exhibited conceptual artist Heather Rowe will give a free lecture on the crossroads of architecture, film and sculpture, followed by a month-long exhibit housed at UH’s Haigo and Irene Shen Architecture Gallery.

Hualalai Hotel Wraps $40 Million Reno, Unveils Super-Suite

Big Island's Four Seasons Resort Reveals New Villa Option

Four Seasons doesn't let much time slip by without a major renovation or improvement to one of their deluxe Hawaii properties. This week, it's the Hualalai locale that announces the completion of a 15-month, $40 million face lift.

Gold Coast Pied-a-Terre: A Penthouse Fit For a Queen

Jeff Vance's ID Group Resurrect a 1950s Treasure

One might think that the architect responsible for redesigning a Gold Coast penthouse might be the least awe-struck of the space—especially months after it had been completed.

An Unrivaled Gold Coast Pied-a-Terre

Jeff Vance's ID Group Resurrect a 1950s Treasure

One might think that the person responsible for redesigning a Gold Coast penthouse top-to-bottom might be the least awe-struck of a the space—especially months after it has been completed.Yet Los Angeles-based architect and designer Jeff Vance, who has designed luxury homes for the who's who in Beverly Hills, Kobe, Japan and downtown Honolulu, still has to pause for a moment each time he enters

Ko`a Kea: Long Awaited Boutique Resort for Kaua`i

Something Different For Kauai Visitors: An Urban-styled Hotel With More Comforts Than Home

It isn't every day that a swanky new boutique hotel opens on the islands. Heck, it isn't often that anything new opens in this economic climate. But it certainly isn't every day both these occur on the sleepy and reclusive isle of Kaua`i. We were eager to visit the Ko'a Kea Hotel & Resort in Poipu since writing about its architect last winter.

Fishcake: Objects d' Art for your Home

One-of-a-Kind Works Abound

When Fishcake opened in December of 2007, there were certainly a few passers-by who did a double take at the front door. Instead of a saimin shop, the saw a stark white showroom. There were no tin pots gurgling miso or ox tail soup; yet at the rear of the store there was a giant cranberry-colored Barbara Chu print featuring a pair of orange koi. 

Good Kids Plan Ahead! Visit Manoa on Mom's Day

Looking to do something unique and off-the-beaten path this year for Mother's Day? Heard about the various New England cities and towns that open up the doors to historic homes on special occasions? Then consider a jaunt through O'ahu's Manoa Valley on Sunday, May 10th, where some of the islands best architecture will be on display to the public.

Spyder Wright: Surf Hall of Famer, Designer and Entrepreneur

On Lunching with "The Duke", Watches, and the Truth About The HI Wave Scale

Sometimes you’re just in the right place, at the right time. Spyder Wright is one of those people. And, so was B on Hawaii, when we happened to be on an airport shuttle with the shaper, pro surfer, fixture on the Hawaii surf scene since the mid-1960s and 2008 inductee in to the Surfing Hall of Fame.

Prominent Architect P.K. White Goes "Green"

A Look At The Future Of Sustainable Architecture, Straight From The Source

Most business owners know that in order to maintain a successful operation, one should exist in a location that warrants success. Philip K. White Architects in downtown Honolulu had always been ahead of its game. Swank Kaka'ako digs -- before Kaka'ako became the trendy design hub (and recently booming luxury condo locale) -- is where White headquartered his operations for years.

B on Hawaii

Starwood To Upgrade Branding Of Two Hawaii Hotels: Multi-Million Dollar Renovations In Waikiki And Princeville in 2007

The Moana Surfrider hotel in Waikiki will drop the "Sheraton" before its name and re-brand as a Westin following a significant upgrade. Starwood -- which own's the hotel -- announced last week that it will take the next three years and $400 million to renovate its four Waikiki hotels, in order to attract more luxury clientele.

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