Celebration of the Arts – May 9 - 11, 2014

This weekend, May 9 – 11, the Ritz Carlton Kapalua presents an astonishing array of cultural offerings over the course of a storybook weekend entitled "Celebration of the Arts." Perched on a pine tree lined hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean (and neighboring isles of Lanai and Molokai), Celebration of the Arts is an incredible opportunity to delve into multiple aspects of Hawaiian culture. These include visual arts, performance, demonstrations, culinary offerings and of course, all the grandeur the Ritz Carlton has to offer. 

Ritz Carlton Maui's Celebration of the Arts

March 29 & 30 at Picture-Perfect Kapalua

Every Spring, the Ritz Carlton Kapalua on Maui presents an astonishing array of cultural offerings over the course of a storybook weekend under the event title "Celebration of the Arts." While perched on a pine tree laden hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean and neighboring isles of Lanai and Molokai, Celebration of the Arts is an incredible opportunity to delve into multiple aspects of Hawaiian culture.

HI High School Jazz Band earns huge national praise

Music Director Gary Washburn leads Honoka‘a High School to top rankings—nationally. 

With great pleasure B on Hawaii has the rare occasion to share wonderful news emanating from the education sector here on the isles. Facts and stats recently haven’t been pleasant—furlough days placing our future generations further and further behind mainland counterparts, budget issues, and the like. So when this little nugget came over the wire, we were glad to share the news. It seems a long-running music program—helmed by the steadfast (and talented) Honoka‘a High School music director Gary Washburn—has been steadily garnering some major national attention.

Get Buzzed: Time for the Kona Coffee Fest

This Big Island Institution Draws Hundreds of Growers and Enthusiasts of "the bean"

For nearly two centuries, caffeine enthusiasts have been reaping the benefits of Hawai‘i-grown (and harvested) coffee on the Big Island. Every November, the most devout followers and leaders in the Hawai‘i coffee industry share, demonstrate, taste, cook with, draw and paint their most prized coffee beans with anyone with the desire to experience them. It’s called the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, and this year it all unfolds on November 4 – 13 in Keauhou.

Sig Zane Clan: Paving the Way with Aloha

Hawai‘i Island's creative force comes in this trio of entrepreneurs

While the name Sig Zane isn’t unknown throughout fashionable circles on O‘ahu, it isn’t every day that the residents of one isle get to deeply experience the true artistry of an entire family of talent that resides on another island. In fact, there may still be some that aren’t aware: authentic (and hand drawn) aloha attire designer Zane is married to the uber-talented kumu hula (and cultural practitioner) Nalani Kanaka‘ole. Along with son Kuha‘o—an entrepreneur and artist—the Hilo-based trio will lecture, display and talk story at an open gallery event for an entire week in Waikiki.

Hawaiian-produced Film Premiers at L.A. Festival

Here's a “shout out” to our aloha amigos in SoCal: The Hawaiian production “One Kine Day”—a film that captures the lesser seen side of youth life in the islands—is screening at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival on May 1, 2011. Filmed entirely on location in Hawai‘i, this picture follows both newcomer and veteran stars on a ride in the life of a skater-slacker who finds out his 15 year old girlfriend is pregnant. 

Hawaii Woodshow: There's Still Time

There’s still time to get yourself over to the Honolulu Academy of Arts to soak up some island-made woodwork from many of the best artists in Hawai‘i. Through April 17th, dozens of artists will be displaying their work and talking to enthusiasts about the process (and whatever else you care to ask) in an open-format show that is slowly becoming an international draw.

Japanese-Hawaiians Honored

Part of the “magic” of living in (or visiting) Hawaii is the multi-cultural fabric that weaves through each of our communities. On September 25, the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii will honor five members of this community as both significant contributors to Hawaii as well as Japanese icons. The theme is “Kakushin No Tatsujin!

World's Most Wholesome Comic Heads to HNL for Performance

Get to the store and stock up on Jello Pudding Pops: It will help you get in the mood for Bill Cosby's arrival. That's right: Fat Albert is coming to town. This legendary comedian, actor, artist, father and icon of America will perform two rare shows at the Blaisdell Concert Hall on Friday, January 15.

Kona Coffee Festival Offers Array of Cultural This November

The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival kicks off this year on Friday, November 6, with events stretching through November 15th. Festival organizers seem to be taking advantage of the "cultural" aspect of the festival this go-around, to spotlight a number of unique offerings in and surrounding the Kona location, on Hawai`i's Big Island.

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